Where are you located?

I have a small studio space in my home in Lake Redwine. I will shoot your yearbook picture first, then head to an outside location for the rest of our session. You will be able to change outfits before we head out, then after that we will have to get creative. Just kidding. You can change here for most of the spots around Lake Redwine. Jim Starr has a basement/bathroom area that is available as well. If we are headed to other locations, keep in mind that a car-change might be a possibility and plan accordingly!

What happens after my session?

About two weeks after your session, you will be emailed a link to your proof gallery. This gallery will be live for two weeks for you to make your image selections and place your order. After two weeks, there is a $25 fee to extend the gallery another two weeks. This is to ensure studio workflow so that everyone can receive their images as soon as possible. I have gallery books, storyboards and other fun items you can see when you come for your yearbook photo. Please feel free to take a peek at them then!

What if it rains?

I will cry. The end. Just kidding. If rain is in the forecast, don't fret. Let's wait until the day of the session...sometimes right up to the session start time...and see what happens. If rain actually does show up, then we can pick the next open day on the schedule that works for you (and me)... :)

Do you have the drape/tux for the yearbook?

Yes. I have drapes and tuxedo jackets/accessories for the yearbook picture. I can shoot on either the dark or light gray background and I deliver to your school. (local or via email only) Sample pictures are available.